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If you’re a registered airline ground or air crew member, you can create an account and become a part of our community.


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Want to explore more places than ever before? List your home and then search a variety of locations around the world to find a ‘match’. 



Find somewhere you’d love to visit, connect with a fellow crew member and ask if they’d like to visit your slice of paradise. And if they do? Start planning your getaway.

Meet The Welcome Mat Global

We know you love to travel. We do too! But while airline ground and air crew get discounted air fares, accommodation can be really expensive and for a lot of us it makes travelling to some destinations for a holiday simply impossible.

Enter – The Welcome Mat.

An idea born from a passion for travel, but without the funds to do it as often as we would like, our exclusive ‘home swap’ platform is what we see as the solution to the problem.

Although it’s not just about ‘the money’. It’s also about building a community of like-minded people, who are not only happy to share their house with others, but all of the wonderful things that come with the place they call home – from the best neighbourhood coffee shop, to their favourite restaurant and must-see attractions.

And as an extra bonus, there’s all of those hidden gems of a town, city or region that only locals who live there will be able to share.

Note: this platform is open to current and former staff, all you need is your current or former Company ID number!

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